Retaining customers by making them happy

In a world in which more and more takes place online, physical customer contacts are becoming rarer. And therefore more important. How does your company make a difference?

Online? Yes, but…

We live in an increasingly virtual world, in which contact with customers more often takes place online than offline. However …

73% of these online customers prefer talking to a contact person, even though the digital channels are working perfectly well. When making important purchases or complaints, almost everyone would like to see or hear a ‘real person’. Why did you think Coolblue was opening physical stores?

Customer contact savings

At the same time, many companies consider face-to-face customer contact to be less efficient and relatively expensive. They often reduce spending on customer contact, resulting in commercial staff having to focus on operational tasks. Customer experience is often neglected, as are customers.

Less and less chances to make a difference!

Basic service provision increasingly takes place online. Customers are getting less face time with our efficient online companies. Even though these customers believe this is important. Hostmanship – the art of making people feel welcome – is often in small, unique gestures that help visualise the values of your organisation.

Turning back the clock is not an option. The solution? Invest in your commercial staff and their managers, because they are the ones who make a difference when interacting with customers. Provide them with the proper skills and make them aware of their contribution to your company.

The results for your company?

More wow! moments for your customers that they would love to share online. And fewer ouch! moments that are also often posted on the Internet… In conclusion, a good customer experience leads to happy customers, motivated employees and better results. Win-win-win!

Video: Discover the What and Why of customer experience

What will your first step towards all of this be?

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