Customer experience: my personal story

From shop assistant and presenter-to-be to countless jobs in marketing, sales and customer loyalty: customer experience is the golden thread that runs through my story.

Never too young to learn …

I became fascinated by customer experience when I was a child. My grandparents were bakers and butchers and would sometimes let me help out behind the counter. Giving customers their change or a loaf of bread: I loved it. My first school presentation was about my baker-grandfather, Jules Van Doninck. Recently I found an old cassette in the attic with the sound recording of this interview. Click here to hear me as a 10-year-old in conversation with my grandpa (Dutch):

And I definitely enjoyed giving presentations!

I turned the garage into a theatre and welcomed family and friends with grenadine and home-made cookies. With an improvised microphone in my hands, I gave sensational speeches. So it only seems logical that I became a freelance presenter and master of ceremony.

Time for the real work to begin

After my studies, I became a customer service representative, and then did a variety of jobs in marketing, sales and customer loyalty at Axalta, a global producer of automotive paint and powder coatings, for 25 years.

I learned that your mindset, your own style of communication and an excellent relationship with customers greatly contribute to your success and job satisfaction.

In our company, several years later, clients are still talking about ‘Before Christoph’ and ‘After Christoph’. That’s clear enough to me. – Ulrich Bathke, Manager IDENTICA Germany

Everything falls into place

This insight further fuelled my passion for customer experience, until everything fell into place. I became a freelance speaker to make people aware of the importance of customer experience and to help them make customer experience a core value in their companies.

My goal? Improving customer centricity and job satisfaction in companies. And ensuring I have a pleasant experience myself when going to the bakery, butchery or your company 😉

Video: brief introduction to Christoph and customer experience