C.R.E.A.M. of the crop

Customer experience embedded in your team

Do you want your marketing, sales or customer loyalty team to cooperate with you on customer experience? This presentation will inspire you and your fellow managers by providing proven practical tips.

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Customer experience for managers

You are leading a marketing, sales or customer loyalty team and want to learn how to…

  • Distinguish yourself from competitors without ending up in a price war?
  • Improve your customer satisfaction and thus increase customer loyalty?
  • Get the backing of your team and make team members believe in customer experience and put this into practice?

This presentation provides you with proven pathways to integrate customer experience into your organisation Do you want to be inspired? And are you ready to challenge your team?

This presentation will teach you the following:

  • Discover the essence of customer experience and the effect it has on your organisation.
  • Learn from the leading actors in this domain. How do they put customer centricity into practice?
  • Learn how customer experience leads to better sales, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.
  • Experience the magical effect of real vulnerability (!) on complaining customers.
  • Find out how business rituals make the difference between a great and a terrible experience.

Why do clients book this presentation?

  1. The insights I provide have been proven successful. With global leading companies and businesses in your sector. Not big ideas, but practical guidelines that make a tangible difference to face-to-face contact with customers.
  2. Customer experience is a passion I live and breathe. Customer relations is something that has interested me ever since I was a child. For 25 years, I have put the insights I provide into practice in my career in marketing, sales and customer loyalty.
  3. Working in pairs, interesting stories and surprising quotes: I will put a smile on your colleagues’ faces while also holding a mirror up to them. This is how I turn resistance into commitment and theory into practice.


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81% of businesses that focus on customer experience deliver better economic results than their direct competitors.
– SAS Institute Inc. and Peppers & Rogers Group

Intended audience

Managers of marketing, sales and customer loyalty teams of companies or public authorities who have face-to-face contact with customers.

How it works

You can book a 60- or 90-minute interactive presentation in Dutch or English. Perfect for conferences or events!

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Do you want more than just an inspiration boost?

Do you want to make customer experience a core value in your business right away? During this in-depth workshop (1 day), you and your colleagues will start working with a proven method and personalised steps for improvement.

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