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Face-to-face impact with body language

How to use eye contact and body language to improve customer experience? This presentation will answer that question and give you tips to make a difference right away!

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Body language: it’s impossible not to communicate

You are always communicating, even when you’re not speaking. Your conversational partner notices – often without being aware of it – your body language and constantly interprets it. Does your body language not match your words? Your conversational partner will pull out. You might also trigger unexpected reactions.

And it doesn’t stop there. Did you know your body language influences your thoughts and emotions? Scientists have proven it’s harder to have negative thoughts with your chin up. Body language therefore makes the difference, for you and for your conversational partners.

This presentation will teach you the following:

  • How to use the effects of body language for an ideal customer experience
  • The hidden power of a handshake and how to use it.
  • How to connect with your conversational partner through eye contact and body language.
  • More confidence and positive energy? Body language is key.
  • How to achieve the desired effect by communicating face to face.

If you use eye contact and body language consciously, customers will feel welcome, seen and appreciated. The effects will definitely surprise you!

Why my clients are convinced:

  1. You will be surprised by eye openers from the world of body language that go way beyond classics such as “Do not cross your arms, it will make you look defensive” (hint: that’s not always the case!). You will also learn how to apply these insights straight away to improve your customer experience.
  2. As a presenter and communicator, I have been focussing on body language and eye contact for over 15 years, using a method that is unique in Belgium. That means I have extensively tested the insights I provide.
  3. Working in pairs, interesting stories and inside info from the world of body language: I will put a smile on your colleagues’ faces while also holding a mirror up to them. This is how I turn resistance into commitment and theory into practice.


Download more info here: Flyer Head to Toe Bodylanguage EN 

65% of all human communication is non-verbal
– Dr. Marina Nespor

Intended audience

Marketing, sales and customer loyalty employees of companies or public authorities who have face-to-face contact with customers.

How it works

You can book a 60- or 90-minute interactive presentation in Dutch or English. Perfect for conferences or events!

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Do you want more than just an inspiration boost?

Do your team members want to use the power of eye contact and body language for presentations? The in-depth workshop (1 day) teaches them to stay true to themselves, while at the same time connecting with the audience.

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