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Create the wow factor in face-to-face customer contacts

Are your employees ready to take steps towards increased customer centricity? After this workshop, they will get to work with a personalised action plan for your organisation.

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Inspiration > roll up your sleeves!

Does your commercial staff not yet see all the effects of customer centricity on their job satisfaction? Or is the integration of customer centricity in their daily work still insufficient? Or maybe they still lack concrete guidelines for your company after the presentation?

The “HAND method” used in this workshop will show your team members how to put customer centricity into practice and what effects they will achieve by doing that.

Customer centricity: your step-by-step plan

  1. Your team members will get a clear picture of the added value of customer centricity for themselves and your company.
  2. Exercises will make employees aware of the effect their behaviour has on customers.
  3. They will discover their own personal style of customer centricity and will learn how to ‘switch it on’.
  4. Your team will look at customer contact moments and the way in which customer centricity makes a difference there.
  5. Together we’ll decide how you will improve your customer centricity right away.

The results? Your employees will leave with personalised action points for your company and the motivation to put these into practice straight away.

Why clients book this workshop:

  1. Customer centricity makes a difference immediately: your customers will feel the magic and respond in a positive manner. This will strengthen the sense of purpose, motivation and development of your employees. And the figures? They’ll improve too. The ball is already starting to roll!
  2. This workshop is aimed solely at commercial staff. Thanks to the experience I gained working as a customer and sales representative, I know their world and the challenges they face. You can count on a down-to-earth workshop that will appeal to them.
  3. Working in pairs, interesting stories and surprising quotes: I will put a smile on your colleagues’ faces while also holding a mirror up to them. This is how I turn resistance into commitment, reinforce the meaning of their work and get them to put into practice what they learned.


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“When customers are happy about the way you resolved their complaint, they will tell 4 to 6 people about it”
– Lee Resources

Intended audience

Managers of marketing, sales and customer loyalty teams of companies or public authorities who have face-to-face contact with customers.

How it works

You will start with an in-company workshop of 1 day in Dutch or English, for up to 12 people.

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This presentation (60 to 90 minutes) helps you discover proven pathways to assist your employees in delivering a better customer experience. Can you be inspired? And do you want to challenge your team?

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