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Do you know how to create an excellent face-to-face customer experience? Find out by taking this short (5-minute) test! Answer 10 questions to get an immediate overview of the results, as well as access to my free e-book.

1. What is the main reason why customers leave their supplier?
2. Which characteristic of a person is viewed as more likely to provide a good customer experience?
3. Direct eye contact lets the customer know...
4. Did you know we’re able to think at around 1000-3000 words per minute. Have you ever wondered at how many words per minute we listen?
5. How many times will a dissatisfied customer tell other people about his/her experience?
6. Many facial expressions decode the same thing across the globe. Which one of the following is not universal?
7. What is the highest influencer in building trust towards your customer?
8. Customers buy only two things:
9. In order to embed a customer experience mind-set in your team, what is the first thing you should do?
10. Turning the support functions (IT, finance, HR, purchasing,... ) into excellent customer-service operations is a powerful lever to sustain and expand a full customer-centric transformation. Based on the experience from your employees, what is the most important in order to increase their internal customer satisfaction?

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Tip: your score is not the most important. You filled in this test to test your knowledge and that shows that you want to invest in a great experience for your customers and / or team. Congratulations for that!

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